Gifts With Care

A new digital gift service to help combat loneliness during covid-19

A family get together delivered

We create and help deliver unique gift experiences for your residents and their loved ones.

Our tailored gift voucher platform and service enables you, the care home, to provide beautiful gifts to your residents, and allows their family members and friends to organise these special gift experiences to take place, all through the click of a button.

Making your residents smile

What does a granddaughter get for her Grandparent’s birthday? What does a son get for his Dad as a thank you? When family members can’t get to see their loved one, or if that loved one is unable to leave the care home. A little gift can make a big difference.

Our Clients

A selection of just some of the lovely homes we work with:

Huntington and Langham
CHD Living
Foxholes Care Home
Oakland Care
Hampton House
Oak Haven

Core Features

Everything you need, so lovely surprises for your residents happen…

Talented Technicians & Super Support

We have an experienced team of web developers who will be creating your gift offering web pages, which will then sit perfectly within your existing site. Plus, a support team on hand, always.

A Delightful Digital Gift Shop

Make the decision to offer your gifts as a complimentary service, or charge for them - creating an extra revenue stream for your care home. There’ll be an admin area for you to see everything too.

A Brilliant Delivery Service

We’ll look after the delivery of the gift vouchers. These can be sent to the resident in your home, or to the loved one’s home/email inbox who has made the order. They will arrive beautifully presented.

Got a question about how it works?

Making the most of what you have

Care homes have dining areas, salons, cinema rooms, talented chefs and so on. Our experienced team, who have worked with care homes extensively, will work with you, to create your gift offering.

Gifts with Care is a wonderful idea. Everything taken care of, and a lovely thing for us to offer to the families and friends of our residents. Superb.

Charlie Hoare

Managing Director, The Huntington & Langham Estate

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